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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Thank you for checking out the blog.

My name is Glen Wayman, i'm currently a Masters student at Exeter university studying MA: Creativity, Innovation and Business Strategy.

I have created this blog to assist my Masters, however I also plan to use this blog to keep you updated on any film and photography shoots or business development I have been involved with.

A last minute attempt to catch a shot of a helicopter.

So What Have I been Up To?

Recently I have been on a film shoot called "The Farmer". This is a short film to help promote a screenplay for a potential feature length film. The shoot itself was great fun, we were trying to chase down a helicopter to get a great shot as they would regularly fly overhead. After a long but brilliant day of filming we wanted to catch some images and clips of the golden hour sunset. Below are a few pictures from that shoot starring Clive and his Golden Retriever Merlot. (Click on them to expand)

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