A Lecture from David Sabel (Director of National Theatre Live)

On Friday 11th October 2019 my Masters had a guest speaker. David Sabel has been running National Theatre live for over 10 years and has sold over 9,000,000 tickets in that tenure. He told us how he innovated the program and made theatre accessible to well... everyone.

Cost Disease

We learned about how Cost-disease in arts is a very real problem. In other words, it costs the same amount of labour now ass it did 300 years ago to put on a live show. This helped me put HighWaymanFilm into perspective, how could I reduce Cost-Disease in this business?

Alongside this, we learned the difference between red ocean strategy and blue ocean strategy.

What are these?

Red Ocean is where businesses fight each other to take each other down to end up on top. This usually always ends up with a higher loss than a win.

Blue Ocean is where businesses leave the fight to find new ways to innovate and explore creativity to stand out. There is a whole ocean out there to explore.

I plan to take on a Blue Ocean strategy. Rather than compete with rival companies using the same methods as the next, I will to find new ways to innovate and provide a unique approach to commercial filmmaking and photography.

You may have noticed the website has gone through many changes, including a new Photography section. I am using this section to improve customer service by allowing the customer to choose which photographer accompanies myself on shoots. This allows HighWaymanFilm to take on a form of apprenticeship scheme to help young people network and meet potential future clients. This is the first step of my take on the Blue Ocean Strategy.

If you would like to find out more about David Sabel and what he does, please click here

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